New geological dating website launched for those critical Donald Trump

New Geological Dating Website Launched For Those Critical Donald Trump

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New Geological Dating Website Launched For Those Critical Donald Trump

‘I’d rather die single than date a Trumper!’

A new geological dating web site is providing opponents of Donald Trump a “safe space” to search out love with fellow liberals. claims it’ll permit individuals to “skip the awkward political conversations” after they 1st meet a possible match.

It was originated last month by the yankee Liberal Council (ALC) in response to a rival website for supporters of the US President.
The pro-Trump website suddenly met disceptation once it used a photograph of a condemned kid convict carrying a Trump golf cap on its homepage.

It additionally restricted users to registering as straight men or straight ladies.

The new anti-Trump website says it’s hospitable everybody notwithstanding sexual orientation, race or creed and aims to “make the planet a stronger place, 2 liberals at a time.”

Users will register as gay, lesbian or straight however there’s no transgender choice.

The new website sparked jokes from Twitter users that Trump supporters had been on the QT registering on the location which “Bill Clinton cannot wait to sign up”.

Another vowed: “I’d rather die single than date a Trumper!”

The ALC announce details of the new website on Facebook and invited its twenty six,000 followers to “TAG your single, anti-Trump friends”.

“Our Democracy will still be saved. But first, we tend to should find those with similar temperament beliefs, and be part of those that symbolize tolerance and justice for all,” aforementioned ALC founder Ted Brown.

“We would like allies United Nations agency can ne’er go into reverse to the corrupt, morally-bankrupt administration in power, and that we will do this right here. Skip the awkward political conversations, and understand wherever your future love stands from the showtime, liberty and equality ar creating a comeback.”

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