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List Of Presidents In America

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List Of Presidents In America

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The President of the us is the elected head of state and head of government of the United States. The president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. The president is indirectly elected to a four-year term by the folks through the Electoral faculty.

Since the workplace was established in 1789, forty four men have served as president. The first, St. George Washington, won a unanimous vote of the body. Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consecutive terms in workplace, and is counted because the nation’s twenty second and twenty fourth presidents; the incumbent, Donald Trump, is so the forty fifth president. There area unit presently five living former presidents. the foremost recent death of a former president was on December twenty six, 2006 with the death of Gerald Ford.

William Henry Harrison’s presidency was the shortest in yank history. He died thirty one days once taking workplace in 1841. Franklin D. Roosevelt served the longest, over twelve years, before dying early in his fourth term in 1945. he’s the sole U.S. president to own served quite 2 terms. Since the confirmation of the Twenty-second change to the us Constitution in 1951, no one could also be elective president quite doubly, and nobody UN agency has served quite 2 years of a term to that some other person was elective could also be elective quite once.

Of the elective presidents, four died in workplace of natural causes (William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Warren G. Harding, and Franklin D. Roosevelt), four were assassinated (Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy), and one resigned (Richard Nixon). John Tyler was the primary vp to assume the presidency throughout a tenure, and set the precedent that a vp UN agency will thus becomes the absolutely functioning president along with his own presidency, as critical a caretaker president. The Twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution place Tyler’s precedent into law in 1967. It conjointly established a mechanism by that a mid-term vacancy within the vice presidency can be crammed. United States President was the primary president to fill a vacancy beneath this Provision once he appointed Gerald Ford to the workplace. Later, Ford became the second to try and do thus once he appointed Nelson Rockefellerto succeed him. Previously, a mid-term vacancy was left empty.

Throughout most of its history, yank politics has been dominated by political parties. The Constitution is silent on the difficulty of political parties, and at the time it came into force in 1789, there have been no parties. presently once the 1st Congress convened, factions began rallying around dominant Washington Administration officials, such as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas President. Greatly involved regarding the terribly real capability of political parties to destroy the delicate unity holding the state along, Washington remained independent with any political faction or party throughout his eight-year presidency. He was, and remains, the only U.S. president ne’er to be related to with a organization. Since Washington, each president has been related to with a organization at the time they assumed workplace.

owing to provision delays, rather than being inaugurated on March four, 1789, the date scheduled for operations of the federal beneath the new Constitution to start, Washington’s 1st inauguration was control one month and twenty six days later. As a result, his 1st term was just one,404 days long (as critical the same old one,461), and was the shortest term for a U.S. president UN agency neither died in workplace nor resigned.

1.George Washington
(Lived: 67 years)
Gilbert Stuart Williamstown Portrait of George Washington.jpg

2.John Adams
(Lived: 90 years)

John Adams, Gilbert Stuart, c1800 1815.jpg

3.Thomas Jefferson
(Lived: 83 years)

Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale, 1800.jpg

4.James Madison
(Lived: 85 years)

James Madison.jpg

5.James Monroe
(Lived: 73 years)

James Monroe White House portrait 1819.gif

6.John Quincy Adams
(Lived: 80 years)

John Quincy Adams cropped.jpg

7.Andrew Jackson
(Lived: 78 years)

Andrew jackson head.jpg

8.Martin Van Buren
(Lived: 79 years)

Martin Van Buren edit.jpg

9.William Henry Harrison
(Lived: 68 years)

William Henry Harrison daguerreotype edit.jpg

10.John Tyler
(Lived: 71 years)

Tyler Daguerreotype crop (restoration).jpg

11.James K. Polk
(Lived: 53 years)


12.Zachary Taylor
(Lived: 65 years)

Zachary Taylor restored and cropped.png

13.Millard Fillmore
(Lived: 74 years)

Millard Fillmore by Brady Studio 1855-65-crop.jpg

14.Franklin Pierce
(Lived: 64 years)

Franklin Pierce - Cropped.jpg

15.James Buchanan
(Lived: 77 years)

James Buchanan.jpg





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