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Earth (Our Home Planet)

  • DISTANCE FROM SUN (93,778,259 miles)
  • ONE WAY LIGHT TIME TO THE SUN (8.390334 mins)
  • LENGTH OF YEAR (365 Earth Days)
  • PLANET TYPE – Terrestrial

Earth is that the third planet from the Sun and also the fifth largest within the system. simply slightly larger than close Venus, Earth is that the biggest of the terrestrial planets. Our home planet is that the solely planet in our system familiar to harbor living things.

The name Earth is a minimum of 1000 years recent. All of the planets, aside from Earth, were named once Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. However, the name Earth is Associate in Nursing English/German word, that merely means that the bottom.

Size and Distance

Moon Earth-Sun Size
Moon Earth-Sun Size

With a radius of three,959 miles (6,371 kilometers), Earth is that the biggest of the terrestrial planets, and also the fifth largest planet overall.

From a mean distance of ninety three million miles (150 million kilometers), Earth is strictly one Astronomical Unit far from the Sun as a result of one Astronomical Unit (abbreviated as AU), is that the distance from the Sun to Earth. This unit provides a simple thanks to quickly compare planets’ distances from the Sun.

It takes regarding eight minutes for light-weight from the Sun to succeed in our planet.

Orbit and Rotation

Rotation And Revolution Of The Earth
Rotation And Revolution Of The Earth

As Earth orbits the Sun, it completes one rotation each twenty three.9 hours. It takes 365.25 days to complete one trip round the Sun. That additional quarter of on a daily basis presents a challenge to our calendar system, that counts one year as twelve months. to stay our yearly calendars per our orbit round the Sun, each four years we tend to add at some point. That day is termed a bissextile day, and also the year it’s else to is termed a bissextile year.

Earth’s axis of rotation is atilt twenty three.4 degrees with reference to the plane of Earth’s orbit round the Sun. This tilt causes our yearly cycle of seasons. throughout a part of the year, the hemisphere is atilt toward the Sun and also the hemisphere is atilt away. With the Sun higher within the sky, star heating is larger within the north manufacturing summer there. Less direct star heating produces winter within the south. Six months later, matters is reversed. once spring and fall begin, each hemispheres receive roughly equal amounts of warmth from the Sun.


The Birth of the Earth - Earth Formation{Image source-National Geographic & Science Documentary}
The Birth of the Earth – Earth Formation{Image source-National Geographic & Science Documentary}

When the system settled into its current layout regarding four.5 billion years agone, Earth fashioned once gravity force moving gas and dirt in to become the third planet from the Sun. Like its fellow terrestrial planets, Earth incorporates a central core, a rocky mantle and a solid crust.


Earth Structure White Stock Vector
Earth Structure White Stock Vector

Earth consists of 4 main layers, beginning with associate inner core at the planet’s center, enclosed by the outer core, mantle and crust.

The inner core may be a solid sphere product of iron and nickel metals regarding 759 miles (1,221 kilometers) in radius. There the temperature is as high as nine,800 degrees Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (5,400 degrees Celsius). close the inner core is that the outer core. This layer is regarding one,400 miles (2,300 kilometers) thick, product of iron and nickel fluids.

In between the outer core and crust is that the mantle, the thickest layer. This hot, viscous mixture of liquid rock is regarding one,800 miles (2,900 kilometers) thick and has the consistency of caramel. The outer layer, layer, goes regarding nineteen miles (30 kilometers) deep on the average ashore. At all-time low of the ocean, the crust is diluent and extends regarding three miles (5 kilometers) from the ocean floor to the highest of the mantle.


Earth's Changing Surface
Earth’s Changing Surface

Like Mars and Venus, Earth has volcanoes, mountains and valleys. Earth’s geosphere, which incorporates the crust (both continental and oceanic) and therefore the layer, is split into Brobdingnagian plates that area unit perpetually moving. for instance, the North yankee plate moves west over the Pacific basin, roughly at a rate capable the expansion of our fingernails. Earthquakes result once plates grind past each other, ride up over each other, collide to create mountains, or split and separate.

Earth’s international ocean, that covers nearly seventy p.c of the planet’s surface, has a median depth of regarding two.5 miles (4 kilometers) and contains ninety seven p.c of Earth’s water. most of Earth’s volcanoes area unit hidden below these oceans. Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano is taller from base to summit than Everest, however most of it’s underwater. Earth’s longest range is additionally underwater, at all-time low of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. it’s fourfold longer than the range, mountain chain and chain of mountains combined.


Study Pinpoints Timing Of Oxygen's First Appearance In Earth's Atmosphere
Study Pinpoints Timing Of Oxygen’s First Appearance In Earth’s Atmosphere

Near the surface, Earth has an environment that consists of seventy eight p.c gas, twenty one p.c O, and one p.c different gases like Ar, greenhouse emission and inert gas. The atmosphere affects Earth’s long-run climate and short-run native weather and shields North American nation from abundant of the harmful radiation coming back from the Sun. It additionally protects North American nation from meteoroids, most of that fritter away within the atmosphere, seen as meteors within the night sky, before they’ll strike the surface as meteorites.

Potential for keeps

Earth's Atmosphere
Earth’s Atmosphere

Earth features a terribly hospitable temperature and blend of chemicals that have created life attainable here. Most notably, Earth is exclusive therein most of our planet is roofed in water, since the temperature permits liquid water to exist for extended periods of your time. Earth’s large oceans provided a convenient place for keeps to start regarding three.8 billion years agone.

Some of the options of our planet that create it nice for sustaining life area unit dynamical attributable to the continued effects of temperature change. to seek out out a lot of visit our sister web site,



Earth is that the solely planet that features a single moon. Our Moon is that the brightest and most acquainted object within the night sky. In some ways, the Moon is liable for creating Earth such an excellent home. It stabilizes our planet’s wobble, that has created the climate less variable over thousands of years.

Earth generally quickly hosts orbiting asteroids or massive rocks. they’re usually at bay by Earth’s gravity for a some months or years before returning to associate orbit round the Sun. Some asteroids are in a very long “dance” with Earth as each orbit the Sun.

Some moons area unit bits of rock that were captured by a planet’s gravity, however our Moon is probably going the results of a collision billions of years agone. once Earth was a young planet, an outsized chunk of rock smashed into it, displacing some of Earth’s interior. The ensuing chunks clumped along and shaped our Moon. With a radius of one,080 miles (1,738 kilometers), the Moon is that the fifth largest moon in our scheme (after Ganymede, Titan, Galilean and Io).

The Moon is farther far from Earth than the general public notice. The Moon is a median of 238,855 miles (384,400 kilometers) away. which means thirty Earth-sized planets may slot in between Earth and therefore the Moon.


Earth has no rings.


Earth's Magnetosphere NASA
Earth’s Magnetosphere NASA

Our planet’s fast rotation and liquid nickel-iron core create to a field of force, that the solar radiation distorts into a teardrop form in area. (The solar radiation may be a stream of charged particles ceaselessly ejected from the Sun.) once charged particles from the solar radiation become at bay in Earth’s field of force, they run into air molecules higher than our planet’s magnetic poles. These air molecules then begin to glow and cause aurorae, or the northern and aurora.

The field of force is what causes compass needles to purpose to the North Pole despite that approach you switch. however the magnetic polarity of Earth will amendment, flipping the direction of the field of force. The earth science record tells scientists that a magnetic reversal takes place regarding each four hundred,000 years on the average, however the temporal order is incredibly irregular. As way as we all know, such a magnetic reversal does not cause any hurt to life on Earth, and a reversal is incredibly unlikely to happen for a minimum of another thousand years. however once it will happen, compass needles area unit doubtless to purpose in many alternative directions for some centuries whereas the switch is being created. And once the switch is completed, they’re going to all purpose south rather than north.


Earth is formed of advanced, interactive systems that make a perpetually dynamic world that we tend to square measure attempt to know. From the vantage of area, we tend to square measure ready to observe our planet globally, victimisation sensitive instruments to know the fragile balance among its oceans, air, land and life. National Aeronautics and Space Administration satellite observations facilitate study and predict weather, drought, pollution, global climate change, and lots of alternative phenomena that have an effect on the setting, economy and society.

10 Careers That Explore Area

1.ASTRONAUT -Astronauts pave the manner for human exploration on the far side our Earth. they’re pilots, scientists, engineers, teachers, and more.
2.PROJECT MANAGER -Project managers guide missions from construct to completion, operating closely with team members to accomplish what they commenced to try to to.
3.SAMPLE PROCESSOR -Sample processors defend and preserve samples delivered back to Earth so that they may be studied by scientists.
4.ARTIST -Melding science with style, artists produce everything from large-scale installations to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration posters hanging in your room.
5.MEDIA SPECIALIST -Media specialists tells stories across social media and facilitate feature missions and other people on TV and in films, books, magazines, and news sites.
6.WRITER/PRODUCER -Writers/producers capture the unbelievable stories of NASA’s missions and other people and share them with the globe.
7.ADMINISTRATOR/DIRECTOR -Administrators and administrators total of National Aeronautics and Space Administration headquarters, prioritizing science queries and seeking to expand the frontiers of discovery.
8.EDUCATOR -Whether it’s introducing youngsters to area or teaching physics to PhD candidates, educators facilitate share their data with the general public.
9.ENGINEER -Engineers style and build all sorts of machines, from what a space vehicle sounds like to the computer code that directs wherever a rover goes day after day.
10.SCIENTIST -From Associate in Nursing astronomer to a volcanologist, scientists of all sorts create queries and facilitate realize answers to the mysteries of our universe.

Did You Know?

Laika the dog in Sputnik II. Laika was a Russian dog which became the first living creature from Earth to enter orbit. At one time a stray wandering the streets of Moscow, she was selected from an animal shelter and was launched into space on 3 November
Laika the dog in Sputnik II. Laika was a Russian dog which became the first living creature from Earth to enter orbit. At one time a stray wandering the streets of Moscow, she was selected from an animal shelter and was launched into space on 3 November

Laika the dog was the primary earthman to orbit Earth aboard the Soviet Union’s satellite a pair of in 1957. She failed to survive the trip. many years later, ensuing 2 Soviet house dogs—Belka and Strelka—became the primary living creatures to come from house alive—paving the means for future human explorers.

Pop Culture

Storytellers explore the character of our planet and potential alternate realities in several books, movies and tv shows. the long-lasting Planet of the Apes film (and several sequels) takes place in a very future during which astronauts “discover” a planet underpopulated by very smart apes and primitive humans, solely to understand later, a lot of to their dismay, that—spoiler alert!—it was Earth right along.

In the long-running and re-booted tv series Battlestar Galactica, tired survivors of a war with extremely evolved robots known as cylons square measure on a groundwork to seek out Earth, a long-lost colony.

In alternative stories, Earth has been abandoned or destroyed, like within the graven image Whedon series Firefly or the book and its film adaptation The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. within the animated feature Titan A.E., Earth has been destroyed by associate degree alien species, however a well-placed planet builder recreates it and every one the species that continue to exist it.

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