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Bad Science

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Bad Science

Bad Science
Bad Science

These researchers area unit creating a video as they gather proof. If additional scientists documented their analysis during this approach, it’d cut back the number of “bad science” that happens.

Why It Matters

*“Bad science” is science that’s done poorly, is biased, or within which the results area unit cherry picked to support a popular hypothesis. Some “bad science” is even downright dishonest . sadly, “bad science” is also additional current than you would possibly assume.
*Some samples of “bad science” (or its use in advertising) are obviously obvious, like the claims within the ad below. alternative examples area unit way more tough to spot.Bad Science

Bad Science

*So United Nations agency are you able to believe once it involves scientific knowledge? do you have to believe a noted scientific authority? or however concerning the data bestowed in an exceedingly peer-reviewed publication?

*According to medical doctor and medical scientist mount Goldacre, neither scientific credentials nor prestigious peer-reviewed publications guarantee sound science. Watch his Ted speak at this link to be told more:

What Does One Think?

Read the article concerning “bad science” at the link below. Then answer the queries that follow.

1.What will mount Gold-acre concede to be the weakest style of scientific evidence?
2.Scientists or science writers could extrapolate from a research laboratory study of cells in an exceedingly Petri dish to the organic structure. Why is that this seemingly to be “bad science”?
3.Why area unit analysis studies that lack controls samples of “bad science”?
4.Assuming that correlation establishes deed could be a common apply in “bad science”. justify what it means that and why it’s “bad science”.
5.Drug company analysis on new medicines usually gets positive results. however will mount Goldacre justify this? however will the underlying cause be detected?
6.What is publication bias? however will it contribute to “bad science”?
7.What does one think? however will thinking sort of a soul and having data of scientific experiments and reasoning cause you to a wiser consumer?

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