Best Investment method (Antusdt)


Best Investment method (Antusdt)

Watch this video and invest 109usdt.

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Create a new account. invest 109usdt.

please watch this video for more details.

Do you know about currency mixing?
This is a decentralized trading platform. When you invest a small amount of money, you can join the mixed currency. During the process of mixing the currency, you can get 1-3% of the profit from the mixed currency business circle.
ANTUSDT was formed for this purpose.

Today, I want to introduce you to a platform I have been working on for some days now, a platform that I have found fascinating and risk-free to earn on cryptocurrencies investment. The platform is called a coins mixer platform. Something that works similar to staking pool, but with a difference that allows users to put in different cryptocurrencies in a pool, and the commission of the pool are shared with members within a set time.

The scope of Antusdt’s business includes cryptocurrency collection, payment, mortgage, loan, international acceptance, and multi-platform forums, etc.

AntUsdt is the only platform open to retail investors, where retail investors and brokers benefit and win without the usual risk encountered in cryptocurrency trading.

Antusdt is an investment platform where users are authorized to join a coin mixer task by depositing with cryptocurrencies, your assets will be integrated with hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Each coin mixing action is completed within a set time ranging from 6 to 24 hours based on the level of user income and the coin mixing action undertaken. After completion of the coin mixing action period, a user earns a commission which will be added to the account balance.

The commission percentage is based on the level of income a user on his account to do the coin mixing tasks daily. Commission percentage range starts with 0.35 for the basic tasks, and up to 1.01% for higher-level tasks. Users can choose which task to perform based on the amount of income provided. All tasks are completed within 24hrs and commission is paid accordingly.

The coin mixing tasks are simple and don’t take up to two minutes to do, and it is done just once a day at the higher level and about 4 times a day at the basic level. Coin mixing circle can be 6hrs, which means a user will have to do it four times a day. You can also choose to go for a 12hrs or 24hrs coin mixing circle. The difference between the time is the commission rate and the amount of entry. Nevertheless, it is up to you to choose which task to do since it all depends on your income and the target you want to achieve.

Technically, by joining the round-trip coin mixer, your assets will remain in a pool waiting for a call, when your assets can be exchanged between different currencies. After applying the call, the user needs to press the “Enter” button sequentially on the mixed currency details page. At the end of the round trip coin mixer, major retailers will return your assets to the real cryptocurrency within the stipulated time and pay a corresponding commission.

How to join and participate

Joining the Antusdt platform is strictly by invitation with an invite code. To get access to the platform you need to receive an invitation from an already user.

When a user registers, you must fill in your 8-digit invitation code (letter or number) in the invitation code column. Only by filling out the invitation code correctly can you become a subscriber.

Ordinary members of AntUsdt have a total of 6 levels of commission threshold award. By registering with your invitation code, they will become a member of level 1 below, and registering with the invitation code for one downline member will be subject to your lower level 2 member. By analogy, there are six floors. All your downlines members will provide a corresponding commission to you each time they participate in a coin mixer task and earn a reward.

However, you can earn sign-up bonuses from your invitees. Each verified signed up with your invitation code earns you a $2 USDT bonus immediately, and a $3 USDT welcome bonus for the new user. This is particularly very good to encourage participation in the mixer’s tasks.

How commission from downlines are calculated

As stated above there is 6 level of downlines, and hence you also have 6 tiers members commission reward.

Tier 1 member: 30% of coin mixing commission paid to you.

Tier 2 members: 20% of mixing commission paid to you.

Tier 3 membership: 10% mixing commission paid to you.

Tier Four, five, and six membership rates: 5% of all cash earned paid to you upon approval.

Further explanation of the commission in real-time will go like this.

1. You are inviting user A to become a member of your first level. When user A participates in coin mixer tasks to earn 100USDT, you will also be rewarded with 30USDT.

2. User A invites user B. When user B participates in a mixer task to get 100 ETH, it will reward you with 20 ETH. And so on to six levels of reward.

My experiences so far with the platform

I started with the platform three days ago and the experiences seem smooth and easy. I haven’t made any investment at the time of writing, but I have earned a reasonable amount from invitation bonuses. I have also completed mixer tasks four times and earn a commission. With my experiences so far, I think anyone can make money on this platform simply by inviting others and guiding them to know how the system works.

The truth is that you are not rewarded with the invitation bonus until the invitee account is verified by the platform agent. To do this, the person who signed up with your invitation code needs to contact the agent at your recommendation. So, a random invitation will not earn you anything but the person who so signed up will get his or her welcome bonus.

In effect, it requires team building to be able to earn bonuses from your invitees, and also to encourage them to do the tasks daily and if need be to invest appropriately.

I have started building my team of which I already have 15 signed up and have had about 6 verified accounts for which bonuses have been paid to me.

How to make more money from coin mixing tasks

To make more money you need to top up the account with any amount of your choice. You can choose to deposit BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX, and Monero, as these are the acceptable coins for deposit.

Note that you must do the mixing tasks daily, it’s not an automation task. You will have to do it manually every day and this doesn’t take up to two minutes.

The coin mixer platform is not a get-rich-quick program. Below is an investment and earning of 108 USDT for a year.

The income of 108 USDT reciprocating coin shuffle for one year

The first month: 35.46USDT+108=143.46USDT

Second month: 52.7932+143.46=196.253USDT

Third month: 72.2211+196.253=268.474USDT

Fourth month: 98.7984+268.474=367.272USDT

Fifth month: 135.1563+367.272=502.428USDT

June: 184.893+502.428=687.321USDT

Seventh month: 252.934+687.321=940.255USDT

Seventh month:346.013+940.255=1286.268USDT

Ninth month: 473.346+1286.268=1759.614USDT

Tenth month: 647.538+1759.614=2407.152USDT

November: 885.832+2407.152=3292.984USDT

December: 1211.818+3292.984=4504.802USDT

After you use 108USDT for a year of reciprocating coin shuffling, from the above your money grows at a rate of 30% every month, then congratulations, you are financially free!

To achieve the above result dedication and consistency are needed since you will always have to do the coin mixing tasks daily without missing a day for a year.


This is not a piece of financial advice, you are always required to do your research before joining any online investment program. However, if you feel like giving it a try and you need an invitation to join, you can contact me in the comment section or meet me at

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